Artist Statement

Life is a series of moments, woven together, which connects us to our surroundings and defines our story. My goal as a photographer is to capture the emotion and truth of these moments which cannot be forced or created by the lens. My vision for my work is defined by my experiences with art, family, friends and faith.  Photography for me is a way we can connect and share our individual stories.

aboutThroughout my life, I’ve had a love of photography and have enjoyed taking pictures of my family and friends, and sharing our experiences through the memories each image provides.  In recent years this love has grown into a passion as my experience deepens with the camera. Now my focus as an artist is to create beautiful photographic prints true to these moments. This process begins and ends with light.  In either color or monochrome image that I produce, I seek to find the best balance of light and form that represents each moment with clarity.

Moments are more easier to capture when clients are comfortable in their surroundings.  I travel to you and your choice of location. I’m available for candid captures of events, family occasions or sessions. I strive to provide the best service and quality for my clients, that’s why all final images are digitally provided in full resolution with no restrictions.  These are your moments and part of your story.

– Jonathan