Here We Go Again

After a brief hiatus (well it seems brief, but I know I’m stretching here it being over a year), I will attempt to provide more frequent updates other than annually.

A lot has happened between updates so I will use the little time I have for this post to quickly highlight a few things that have happened over the past year:

– In a previous post called ‘The Never Ending Contest‘, I talked about my efforts to get in the publication of a photographic book of the Lehigh Valley which consisted of local photographers work. I turns out that I did make it into the book and was surprised and pleased to have 5 of my entries published out of thousands of submissions! It’s fun to see the book in several of the local stores around town. Two of my submissions were chosen to be displayed at the Baum School of Art in the Art’s David E. Rodale Gallery in celebration of the books release.

– My photo of Martin Tower was selected to be displayed in the PA photographers exhibition at the Invision Photo festival last fall. This was great fun to be part of this exhibit and enjoyed seeing the high level of photographic talent we have in the area.

– As part of the Invision Photo Festival, there was a slideluck multimedia presentation event on one of the evenings. My submission for this event was also selected and part of the show for the evening. It was incredible to see all the selections that evening as there were several photographers that are sponsored by Olympus that were in the show whose works were amazing along with other great local photographers.

– I’ve also had fun doing some work for Artsquest throughout the year and appreciate having such an effective organization devoted to the arts in our little town of Bethlehem.

Looking forward to new opportunities in 2014 and more to come!

The Lightbox Share for this post is the slideluck submission that was picked this past fall. As part of my work for Artsquest I was one of several volunteer photographers capturing Musikfest. My submission was a collection of shots I took from the festival.


  • Congratulations on the success of getting into the book. What’s the name of the book and where can we find it, would love to see it. Also it’s good to hear you will be posting more often, I enjoy your work very much.

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