This past Sunday I had the the opportunity to hop on over to Allentown for a couple of hours and take some shots.  It’s been a very busy spring here at the house and having some spare hours to take shots is like pure gold. I’ve been meaning to take the long drive over to A-town (I’m exaggerating here for you non Lehigh Valleyians.. it’s the next town over from me) and get some captures. I was pleasantly surprised by all the interesting things to photograph. I really only scratched the surface from what I could tell, and did not even finish the list of places I wanted to photograph before needing to head back.

So I’ve got the beginnings of a new project I will be posting soon of my impressions of Allentown. It’s an interesting place and has fallen on hard times in recent decades, which makes for more unique photography. If anyone knows of some interesting locations to shoot, just offer them up in the comments on this post or shoot me an email. I’ve got a couple places on my short list including the farmers market, but would welcome any additional ideas.

So for this posts Lightbox Share I’ve got some samples from the shots I was able to take during my visit, and a preview into this new project.  In addition to the shots below I was able to add Muhlenberg College to the list of colleges and universities in my ‘Doors of Higher Learning’ photo project.  I’ve added the shots from Muhlenberg to the project – in which they have all red doors apparently.






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