A Lunchtime Photo Roll

So in our digital world, the term photo roll is a bit dated. But for how I’m using i here I think it applies quite aptly. For this weeks post I just wanted to share a sort of photo roll and how I incorporated it into a quick video.


Lunchtime Antics

I was watching my youngest daughter sitting in her high chair after lunch making all kinds of funny faces, trying to get a laugh out of my wife and I. I grabbed my camera and proceeded to take a bunch of shots of her, trying to capture all of her expressions. This explains the food on her face and the bib she was wearing (which is an incredible bib for any of you with little ones that like to take off bibs and throw them, and the food captured in them, across the room. They stick on like vice grips). I think she likes to put on a show with a full stomach.

Still images stitched together at high frame rates makes video. Typical frame rates of these still images vary from 24 frames per second to 300 depending on the quality and smoothness of the video. My thought was just to create a quick video lowering frame rates down to just over 2 images a second, trying to portray motion in still images but not be mistaken for video. I’m not sure what I accomplished here, but it was a quick thing to put together and fun to make and watch.

The Lightroom Share for this week is the video of my daughter making some fun faces for us after lunch. Hope it brings a smile to your face like it did mine.


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