Train your Eye

So I’m going to keep this post a bit short this week.  I just wanted to take a brief moment to point out some great educational opportunities for those interested in taking any photography classes around the Lehigh Valley.  Taking a class can be a good experience for those just starting out with an interest in the camera to experienced folks who want to refine a particular skill. The best class of course is to just get out there and shoot. No education will replace that, however, I’ve found that classes can be a rewarding way to user your time more wisely when you shoot and obtain a greater command of your camera.

Locally here in the Lehigh Valley we’ve got some great opportunities for those who want to sharpen their photography skills.

Artsquest – Artsquest in Bethlehem has classes that usually run for a month or so and typically start each quarter.  The current listing for photography classes can be found here.  Now’s a good time to sign up for classes as the spring classes start in March!

Dan’s Camera – Dan’s camera has several workshops and classes available. The current listing can be found here.

Cardinal Camera – Cardinal Camera offers classes as well.  The current listings can be found here.

The Baum School of Art – This school in Allentown offers adult classes and like Artsquest, usually has some offerings each quarter.  The current listing for the spring schedule can be found here.

Northampton Community College community offerings – There are some great community courses here offered.  The current listings can be found here.

As you can see, we’ve got quite an offering of photography education here in the Lehigh Valley!  Reply to this post if I’ve missed any classes and I’ll add it to the list.

The Lightroom Share for this week sort of sums up our February here in Pa.  Cold. Took this shot of my beautiful daughter playing out back after a recent snowfall.


  • Jess

    Thanks for sharing the classes! It’s definitely something I want to look in to.

    • Jonathan Davies

      This list ended up getting a lot longer as I started looking at all the options in the Valley. A lot more opportunities for photography classes here than I originally had thought.

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